Baldego is J.J. McGowan’s musical alter ego and has been producing music for a number of years. Having recorded three solo albums and been involved in a number of others in a variety of roles, he continues to write, record and perform. Recently, he has been producing soundtracks for some short films.

Baldego Logo

Former Scottish Radio XFM’s artist of the week, Baldego is an established live act within the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee music scene, where he has supported the likes of Finley Quaye, Jamie T and Nick Harper. He is also the leader of 3-piece band Pulse, who released their debut album in 2012.

Liquid Safari on Bandcamp

Fuse Magazine – “’Firebrand’ soars and shivers with emotional pop tunes…epic song writing.”
The Skinny – “Baldego is his own rhythm section, backing vocalist, harmoniser and, somehow, even manages to duet with himself somewhere in the maelstrom.” – “Baldego put on quite the show with loops and bongos adding to the 1 man band.”
Bluesbunny Music Reviews – “J.J. McGowan delivered something a lot better than a set of stripped down rock songs and his vigorous performance soon got your attention.”

Baldego on Soundcloud




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