Ox is J.J. McGowan’s new musical alter ego and has released a new EP, Four Years. This EP started life in Hawaii in 2016 at the start of a 4-year period, that has seen the loss of family, finishing a PhD, escaping earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, trying to hang on to a job, my home, and my sanity, all bookended by global political turmoil and a pandemic. These songs represent snapshots of a that time, not a prolific period musically, but certainly an unforgettable time for many of us. Hopefully the tunes provide some resonance and optimism.

You can access the EP via Spotify here, YouTube here, or you can listen and buy at Bandcamp here amongst many other outlets. 


This is a temporary page. If you want to get in touch, feel free to send me an email here or fill in the form below, cheers! 

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