Digital Art

Link to my Showreel:

This is the short film I created for my Masters in Animation and Visualisation. The idea was to see what music would look like travelling through the air.

Inspired by the emerging science of Cymatics, I used footage of the my own music being vibrated through the Cymascope, (a machine created by John Stuart Reid) that allows the visualisation of sound through ultra fine water, and used VFX techniques to interpret and create a holographic 3D version.

Please follow the link below to MusicMadeVisible for more information:

I used modelling techniques in Maya, in combination with particle dynamics, and composited the film using Nuke.


Going Live project 2014: This is our group project from DJCAD, where the brief was to create a short promo/side film for the Hobbit, in conjunction with Axis Animation. My roles involved character modelling (the eagle), dynamics (fire) VFX, sound design and the music. The team was a very talented bunch and I would be happy to work with them again!


This is a better look at the eagle I modelled for the Going Live ‘Concerning Dragons’ group project. It was created in Maya using typical polygonal modelling techniques.


This scene was created using only Nurbs in Maya, from a scene in my living room, as part of the semester 1 brief during the masters course in Dundee. If I find the time, I’ll texture the scene properly!

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