J.J. McGowan is a lecturer, digital artist, composer and performing musician, also know as Ox in musical circles (also as Baldego and Pulse in previous incarnations). He is currently based in Edinburgh following completion of his PhD at Edinburgh Napier. Prior to that saw completion of a Masters Degree in Animation and Visualisation at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, which is part of the University of Dundee. Focusing on the visualisation of music as his degree project, this blog covers more or less everything that has been going on since his move to Dundee in September of 2013 till its completion. He has recently resurfaced and will be adding more information concerning his continuing research into interactive audio-visual work with Cymatics soon! In the meantime, see cyma-sense.uk for information on the PhD work.

Email: jjmcg23@gmail.com

J.J. McGowan on Bandcamp

J.J. McGowan on YouTube

J.J. McGowan on Vimeo


JJMcG on Vimeo

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