This is most likely the last post for the course, hard to believe it’s almost over – this has been the quickest year of my life!

Anyway, the film is done – the new scene was inserted, a few of the fire scenes were re-rendered to try and highlight the reflections a little more (I created an alpha mask using the original footage to have the cracks in the paving stones as a mask for the light flashes and reflections). The edit has been rendered out as a 9GB (png) quicktime movie that I’ll create copies from as needed. I’m pretty happy with the final result and it has been an effort getting all the glyphs modelled, all the particle layers rendered, and finally editing it together – which itself has been pretty straight forward.

So, the remainder of the week is getting the presentation organised as well as some prep for the degree show including a poster, and some ‘making of’ images and a reel.